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Transferring from your old hosting to Pronect is fast and easy. You do not have to worry about anything because we do the complete transferring for you. Transfer cant be faster and easier than it is.

Pronect secure hosting provides you and your company a complete security solution on the Internet.
Unlike our competition, Pronect protects your business not only on the server level, but on the web application level (such as WordPress, Zencart etc.) as well. The server itself may be secure, but if your website is insecure in its code, an attacker may exploit the vulnerability to gain access to your data. Conversely, your perfectly coded and secured web application, if hosted on a poorly configured and insecure server, can likewise have its data compromised.

It is important to be secure on the Internet in order to avoid the worst scenarios:

    • Unauthorized persons gaining access to and reading your emails
    • Unauthorized persons stealing your database, which may contain sensitive information about your users, your finances/accounts and more
    • Unauthorized persons manipulating your sensitive data, which could result in its misuse, deletion or even sale to 3rd parties.
    • Unauthorized persons modifying your website’s data and content, resulting in your visitors being exposed to misinformation and possibly malicious material
    • Your company’s reputation suffering irreparable damage when an online security breach results in theft or publication of sensitive data about your users or clients
    • Attackers injecting malicious code into insecure websites in order to compromise visitors’ computers and use them to attack 3rd parties (i.e., zombie network)

Pronect secure hosting provides the highest level of security, reliability and privacy on the Internet.

In order to do this we’ve designed our own server architecture and developed a unique web application firewall to protect your valuable data.

Kako vam pružamo siguran hosting?
Kako vam pružamo siguran hosting?

Pronect security firewall

Our advanced technology protects your website - regardless of its size and number of visitors - against the following types of dangerous web attacks:

  • 1) SQL Injection - allows an attacker to execute SQL commands against your database and steal, corrupt or delete data from your databases.

    2) XSS - allows an attacker to steal sensitive data about you and your visitors that is stored in your web browser. Once successfully captured, this data may be used to gain access to your website’s admin interface.

    3) RFI - allows an attacker to upload malicious PHP script (“PHP shell,” as it’s known) to your website and thereby gain complete control over your website, data and databases.

    4) LFI - allows a remote attacker read any file on your website.

  • 5) RCE - allows a remote attacker to execute system commands via your web application. This can escalate into gaining complete control over your website.

    6) Brute-force - a shotgun approach in which a remote user or bot tries all possible combinations of random words and numbers until it guesses your password. This type of attack can succeed if you use an easy password, such as “123456” or “password”.

    7) Malicious bots - good bots index your content and get you traffic from search engines, whereas bad bots spam your website and degrade your search engine positioning.



Pronect guarantees your backups will always be safely stored and available for you.

We do backups on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and store them on remote servers on 3 different continents to make sure your data is always safe and available to you, no matter what happens.

Zaštita protiv zloupotrebe 
serverskih resursa.

Resource abuse protection.

With shared hosting, clients share common server resources (RAM, CPU, I/O) with one another. This can result in a small number of clients using a disproportionally high share of CPU or RAM and slowing down or making unavailable your website.

In order to prevent such situations we use the CloudLinux operating system, which blocks resource hogging. In addition, the CageFS/SecureLinks add-on virtualizes every account on the server and prevents clients from accessing one another’s data. This is but one of the measures we take to provide a secure hosting solution.

Pronect lokacija, hardver i mreža

Pronect location, hardware and network

Our servers are physically located in a TIER-3 datacenter in the Netherlands. TIER-3 is the best datacenter classification in the country.

Your data is 100% safe on the physical layer. Our datacenter has ISO 27001:2005 certification, which means it is secured according to the highest international industry standards. The datacenter is secured with more than 40 cameras and is only accessible to authorized persons with proper ID cards and fingerprints. The facility is green-certified, to boot, with a commitment to the environment and local ecology.

We have our own HP-branded servers - Intel E3-1270 @ 3.gGHz, 32GB DDR3 RAM, 4x SAS 15k RPM drives in hardware RAID10 with battery backup (BBU). RAID10 guarantees that your data is safe and that your websites will be available in case of drive failure.


Customer support

Pronect provides a 24/7 support team with more than 5 years of experience in the field. Our staff constantly monitors infrastructure, researches new attack vectors and secures our platform against them within minutes out of discovery.

Big companies invest millions of dollars in security systems to protect their data. With Pronect secure hosting you get the same security at a fraction of the price.

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